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Expert Women’s coaching services

SenseCoach coaching is a service for women of all ages to develop their Sense of Self through expert coaching and mentoring methods. Letting go of ‘comparititis’ and working on one’s self esteem, confidence and mental blocks; opens opportunity, prosperity and wholesome happiness.

Examine your life choices from a fresh perspective with expert accredited coach and professional mentor, Lucienne Shakir.

Please contact Lucienne Shakir in the first instance to discuss your needs.

Call anytime on 01604 372144 or 07568583604 to book in a Discovery Call

We can discuss your needs to see if SenseCoach coaching is your best fit.

(Note: If you are a woman and you want to achieve the best life possible, it will be!)


SenseCoach works in an array of industries, to support the workplace, ethics and profitability of a business. Specific and measured success for your business.

Hiring a SenseCoach in the workplace can make a dramatic difference to teamwork, well being and leadership skills.

Many studies show that coaching and mentoring are becoming the most turned to industries to improve rapport and growth in business.

If you are a forward thinking business, the benefits of hiring SenseCoach can be transformational.


If you have decided to reach out and improve your life with an expert in support and guidance you have found something special in hiring SenseCoach.

Transformative results can be seen in SenseCoach’s clients for personal growth, balance and mental health.

With a community spirit that is shrinking, SenseCoach can be a professional friend to guide you to your strongest self.

Our often neglected selves need development too. Hiring Lucienne Shakir can be one of the most rewarding investments you make to your personal life.


An area of particular expertise for SenseCoach is Education. Schools can be supported by SenseCoach to ensure holistic health and success.

If you are looking to support female colleagues, students, Leadership teams and grow your development plans, SenseCoach’s expertise in coaching females in Education makes a real and beneficial difference to all involved.

Hiring a coach in Education improves mental health, congruency and development of pupils, staff and all stake holders alike.

Women in Education Thrive

female Professionals are happier

executive women are more confident

Business is more profitable

teams are more efficient


They have hired Sensecoach to guide them to prosperity and purpose.

1:1 sessions, seminars, workshops, calls, meetings and conferences.

Education for Everyone, Forever.

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