Master accredited coach in transformational coaching, Lucienne Shakir

Women’s Personal and Professional Coaching

Calling all the wonderful women out there. Where are my warriors? And worriers?! Where are my slogging, hard working, never ending, life building women? I know how it is. I’m with you sisters.

The world is changing and we can change with it. I’m here to work alongside you, using expert coaching strategies to transform your life. Disorganised and confused becomes balanced and purposeful. Unsure and under-skilled becomes confident and assured. Sound good? I thought so.

Through a variety of services, masterclasses, courses, seminars and 1:1 life coaching, we are changing the world one woman at a time.

I believe that each and every one of us has HUGE potential and I am here to ensure we live as our most confident, empowered selves. Join me on your journey to discover your true Sense of Self.


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