I haven’t experienced coaching with a professional coach before, but now I understand the power of having the right coach and thinking partner at certain times in your life. Lucienne helped me to explore myself in a different way and in a way that I haven’t managed before by myself. I experienced tremendous progress within just a few sessions! Thanks to Lucienne who guided me back on my path, I know now where to go, I am certain and back to the best version of myself. I can only recommend her service as I had a very good experience with Lucienne as my coach.
— ANNA LENA BRESCH- Paris *****
It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Lucienne for her Education Coaching. Having facilitated Lucienne on a national professional qualification, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her as a truly valuable asset to future employers. She is articulate and self effacing, a good listener and very knowledgable. Beyond that she is likeable and easy company. Her good knowledge of leadership in education and expertise in coaching is immediately evident. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Lucienne.
— M. LAVELLE - Olney *****
Lucienne’s coaching is calming and welcoming, and so, so supportive in tone. Her positivity and genuine thoughtfulness make her a pleasure to work with, and her sessions are as practical as they are inspiring... I’ve loved getting to know her and her work!
My first experience of having a coach and Sensecoach made me realise how I wish I had used one years ago.
Lucienne is so easy to get on with and so professional.
I had six sessions and feel so motivated working at my Beauty business which I have managed for 20 years.
I would 100% recommend SenseCoach if you are at a crossroads with your career or just how to run your life more efficiently - Thank you Lucienne!
— Sycamore Beauty S MAYES - NORTHAMPTON *****



I will support you on your journey to become the person you truly are. As a professional friend, my work with you is always strictly confidential. I will hold you to account, push you to reach your goals and celebrate with you when you get there. I will work alongside you through thick and thin to make the very best of what you have inside you. Your life will prosper, you will take action and you will succeed.

About Me

Lucienne Shakir

There’s a lot to say about who I am. I’m not talking about who I want to be, or who I used to be - although they are all in the mix somewhere.

Principally, I have lived and breathed Education ever since I can remember. It’s been my life. I’ve wanted to change the world and have reached excellent success in my career. But it’s never been enough because, year in, year out I see people leave our schools broken. Unfulfilled. Unhappy. Unsure.

I am a product of that uncertainty. WHY are we leaving schools more anxious than we were when we started? WHY do we feel we have to fit in, follow, comply?

If you want to establish if I’m qualified to help you - you’re in the right place.

My mission

I want to leave a legacy of schools under The Education Coaching Foundation - which foster inner growth and depth, rather than external attributes of success.

I can do this by coaching women in their personal and professional lives - to fill the gaps left open and raw by those who may not have understood the harm they were doing.

Why I can help

Nervous breakdown? Tick. Victim of sexual and emotional abuse? Tick. Mother of a child who is autistic? Tick. Divorced? Tick. Re-Married? Nearly.

I am both too intelligent and too stupid for my own good. I have been through the same struggles that many of you have been through. I have strived for success, and only believed it to be true when a superior told me so.

I’ve worked through all that. And I’ve documented it all. Plain as day - for you all to see. You can see the warts and all development on InstabookfacelinkedIn if you like?

I’m a Master Accredited Coach in Transformational Life Coaching.

I have a Masters in Education.

I speak 3 languages.

I’m enrolled to finish my PhD in Coaching and Mentoring with Oxford Brookes University.

Oh, and I’m a Woman. That’s the best qualification of all.